Kerala Muslim Cultural Center, known popularly as KMCC, is a global organization of Muslims from the Indian state of Kerala.In 1979, the foundation for KMCC was laid by a group of expatriates in Makkah, initially known as Chandrika Readers Club. Since its inception, numerous branches of KMCC were established across the globe, including UK and US. KMCC supports the social & Cultural platform of the Indian Union Muslim League(IUML), founded in 1948, a party whose object is to uplift the minorities, muslims, dalitis and other backward communities , in all public sphere activities by upholding the democratic principles enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

KMCC aims to enable expatriates in different parts of the globe through advocating on the behalf of the community in their country of residency and in India; providing information regarding policy changes; and supporting the community through charitable activities. KMCC  charitable activities include BaithulRahma, which provides assistance for low income families to build houses, support CH Centres and the ShihabThangal Dialysis Centre financially, in addition to providing financial assistance to Gulf returnees for medical treatments and other daily needs. 

In addition, KMCC has been able to assist thousands of expatriates in volatile circumstances by facilitating counsellor services from Indian Missions abroad, and creating cultural awareness and fostering positive relations between the Malayali expatriate community and the citizenry of host country. KMCC Canada, jointly with KMCC US,seeks inspiration from the selfless service of its founder members to make positive changes in both in India as well as Canada.