This is formal scheme initiated by KMCC Makkah  in order to help those poor families to own a house who had their own piece of land but could not afford construction of a house. The scheme envisaged constructing a house consisting of one bedroom plus hall, a kitchen and bathroom. Currently, it costs Rs. 7 to 8 lakh in the State. Criteria for selection of the individuals was economically underprivileged status rather than religious or community affiliation. In one instance, a Hindu recipient woman wanted to perform the rite of Grihaparvesham by lighting a traditional Kerala lamp. ->

Sait said the KMCC is building another 60 houses for the riot victims of Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh where a plot of land was acquired for the purpose two years ago. KMCC has so far collected and spent Rs. 100 crore on the housing scheme. The League leaders insisted that she must do whatever she thought was auspicious by her own faith. She lit the Kuthuvilakku (lamp) while accepting the keys and entered the house. According to SirajSait, the selection of the recipients is made following receipt of applications from various Panchayats in the State and the most deserving are given the priority.

Of this, Rs. 93 crore were mobilized by the KMCC members, that the donors belonging to the KMCC chapters in 19 countries (in the states of the Gulf, the United States and United Kingdom). KMCC Canada would like support this effort through fundraising and providing volunteers (like Habitat for Humanity type of scheme where North American based Malayali family members vacationing in Kerala can actively participate in building houses?